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Eliminate home insects
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You should research and eliminate any source of moisture in the house. As we said earlier, moisture is also one of the main factors attracting insects, especially termites, cockroaches and other insects, and therefore moisture that can damage the structure of your home significantly. So to prevent or reduce mosquitoes, you should work to eliminate permanent water in your property.

V. The doors and windows should be checked because the pests can fluctuate through small cracks and gaps in your home significantly, and you should work to inspect and repair any crack or break in the doors and windows, and those that simply do not fit your home in one way or another. You should also make sure that there are internal gaps in the house or not, as some cracks and gaps will be visible only from within your home. So it should be realized in places under and behind kitchen cabinets, refrigerators and stoves, as well as between the bend of the wall and around the pipes. It should close any gaps it finds, especially those that are about 1/4 inch deep or larger.

VI / You must clean the ground daily. Whether you choose to sweep or wipe it, the basic rule is to clean the ground daily. Food residues need to be quickly removed so that insects are more attracted to chaos. The missing day of food and leftovers may be enough to attract unwanted visitors to an unintended feast.

Seventh: You must clean the remaining dishes from lunch or dinner periodically and do not accumulate in the kitchen sink. This is also one of the most prominent things that attract domestic insects, especially cockroaches.

VIII / You should eat in the kitchen or in a specific place only where you must work to determine where you eat. Since making eating in the kitchen or eating areas makes fewer areas that have been exposed to gestures and leftovers, the less risk of invasion you will have.

IX / You must clean clothes before storing. Dirty clothes will attract bugs. So even before you throw all the winter coats in the back of your wardrobe, you should take some time to make them clean, dry or wash them before they are stored. Storing clothes in properly sealed containers will also go a long way towards preventing injury and exposure to insects.

X. You must clean recyclables. Be sure to rinse the recycled plastic, glass, and metal containers. You should also clean garbage containers. Washing the inner and outer body of garbage and recycling containers is a monthly job. It is easier to do this work outside the house with a garden hose and a long scrub brush. If you have a separate toilet brush, it will work well in cleaning hard-to-reach areas of trash cans.

You should also put a lid on the trash. Lids on garbage will keep bugs away from your home, keep odors inside and not outside garbage, and keep injuries away. You should also choose boxes and buckets with lids when shopping for garbage containers and recycling.


Tips for keeping insects away from your garden:
First: For External Areas:

Do not store wood indoors. Wood includes including firewood, the store should not be inside your home. This includes the garage.

Wood stored indoors or even stacked next to the house can be an entry point for pests. So instead of having a wood pile in your house. You should be far from home and make sure that there is room to circulate air in the place where the wood is laid. This will make the wood dry and make it less desirable for local insects.

Second, avoid standing water. Especially holes filled with water. You should remove all places that may be filled with rain water. For footpaths, consider drying and refilling weekly to prevent pests.

Third, you should choose a suitable type of insecticides in order to get rid of insects that exist in your home. You can search for the type of insect that is bothering you and the best spray that can finally get rid of it. There are types of pesticides dedicated to crawling insects and other dedicated to flying insects and so on.

Fourthly, you should choose a good type of pesticides and do not approach it during spraying as it can harm your health and the health of your children. There are types that are not harmful to individuals you can look for.
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