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tips to clean your house
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There is no house without carpets, carpets of furnishings that we spread on the floors and ceramics and carpets varies in its types and shapes and texture and also its distinctive graphics wonderful beauty carpets have very many types and has cleaning methods for each type of carpet is not silk like wool so all quality carpets Other than in cleaning methods Come with us and see many tips you care during cleaning carpets to find satisfactory results when cleaning carpets and has a beautiful fragrant smell you feel satisfied when cleaning and drying ..

Silk carpets: High-quality carpets and has special ways in cleaning, when cleaning silk carpets must be taken into account that the silk is a weak wick and very soft and easy to clean in each carpet relates to dust and stains from use and that non-liquids poured by children on the carpet and not walk on Carpet wipes and so makes silk carpets very dirty and must when cleaning silk carpets remove dust suspended in the carpet first and clean the carpet with warm water with some of the natural white vinegar removes stains with a special detergent weaving silk weave silk carpet and exposed to the sun well in order to permeate the air and Sun rays

Manual carpets: There are wool and cotton The handmade carpets have become expensive because they are handmade Art in the manufacture of carpets is very beautiful when cleaning carpets must first you must remove the dust that is found by vacuuming the highest degree and when cleaning carpets wool or cotton must Careful cleaning and care, especially stains and dirt attached to carpets A new way to remove stains is soda with the detergent used to remove stains on woolen fabrics and beware of exposure of silk fabric and woolen hot water because they are shrinking and do not return to normal use warm water The best carpet cleaning water ..

Turkish carpets: One of the most luxurious carpets that exist in the world carpets interfere with silk and soft velor Yarns in golden colors, beautiful colors as B pictures above accuracy in the design quality of the carpet very beauty and magnificence How to clean Turkish carpets, before the start of the organization Remove dust from carpets And I recommend you to use a steam carpet cleaning machine to ensure the maintenance of carpet quality, steam machine sold in the market and not expensive.

Carpet Cleaning Company Khamis Mushait
Here are some tips to help you clean your carpet
The vacuum cleaner should be used to remove dust from the carpet and not the manual vacuum cleaner
Carpet must be exposed to sunlight and outdoor to kill microbes
To remove odors that you do not like from carpets, you can spray some starch on them and vacuum them
Do not wash the carpet frequently so as not to spoil the carpet tissue
When cleaning carpets do not expose to water too much because too much water spoil the fabric of carpet cloth
Always clean the carpet with a steam machine to keep the carpet
Carpet care should be taken continuously to ensure the carpet is maintained and durable
Carpet carpet: carpet designed for large places is characterized by many colors in the magnificence and beauty of it gentlemen and engraved and laser engraved and decorated in several beautiful forms used for stairs and floors in large places effective cleaning method that works with him steam machine makes this steam machine very clean If you find stains on the carpet, put with the steam machine stain detergent to remove stains with steam. And many types of Iranian and Indian carpets and have the same cleaning methods that we clean the carpets to maintain it and the carpet retains the fabric if you use the tips above ..
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