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the best way to move your furniture
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[Obrazek: Do-it-yourself-moving.jpg]
After you have given the Rifai Foundation important tips when buying furniture and choose strong herbs that help to survive the furniture longer we go to view some details about the Rifai Foundation

Rifai is located in the north of Riyadh, especially in the province of Dodami PO Box Grand Ma'zaliah Building No. 5

Many telephones very many correspondence

Al-Alamiah, which operates in Al-Manfuha in Riyadh, is one of the largest establishments in the Riyadh region. It provides safe warehouses that maintain your furniture pieces and also provides furniture and luggage transport services in the Kingdom throughout Riyadh.

1 - Carpenters trained to disassemble and install offices and Dolip and return them as you

2 - Modern carpentry equipment used in the installation and re-adjustment of wood screws

3 - of the finest types of giant hoists that lift more than 20 tons per hour

4 - customer service around the clock telephone conversations and quick chat cheaper prices and stronger service to the customer

Best transport company in Riyadh
Steps of moving furniture with a global company for home services

When contacting the client of the International Company for Home Services Furniture Transport Company in Riyadh, our company sends a representative from the company to inspect the furniture and inventory of all types of furniture that will be moved and also know the role to which the furniture will be moved to him, if the role of the lower floors does not need cranes We are satisfied with the technical staff trained to move furniture - but if the furniture in the upper floors, the furniture is transported by means of modern cranes closed with trucks closed to transport furniture after contracting and confine all the contents and agreement on the date when the furniture is to be moved - send labor and Trucks and Ona U to do the necessary work to move furniture and you steps move furniture in a few lines

From the beginning, the carpenters work by the nature of their work to disassemble the furniture and trained technical workers clean the furniture
Prices of transport company in Riyadh
After finishing the stage of disassembling the wooden furniture and cleaning the wooden furniture with special wood cleaning materials, the furniture packaging stage is carried out with the safest packaging material on the furniture of the reinforced cartons. Which is used on coarse plastic to increase safety on breakable items - and from the white foll packaging that we use with electrical appliances to keep them from fractures and scratches. Closing Psost and strong pressure capsules maintain the furniture and electrical appliances and use of blankets for furniture and mirrors encapsulates and frames with adhesive tapes petition ..
After finishing the wooden furniture packaging - go to electrical appliances and work to disassemble, whether adaptations or refrigerator, butane and other devices that require a maintenance technician with experience in the dismantling and installation of electrical appliances - is the disassembly and work on cleaning and maintenance of Inside and outside and cleaning the refrigerator and work on the discharge of internal water from the refrigerator and cleaning cookers before packaging well from the inside and outside and are cleaning microwave and all electrical and household appliances and start work on packaging devices ..
Carpet is cleaned and coated with coarse plastic and adhesive plastic to protect it from dust during transport as well as with the rest of the furniture.
We come to the stage of downloading furniture to the furniture transport truck if the role of the lower floors - trained technical workers to move furniture to the closed transport trucks respectively, in which order - where the furniture transporter receives the furniture is in front of the car and the other worker arranges the truck from the inside - The closed furniture transport trucks are divided into sections and shelves for more safety on movables and electrical appliances until the load of the trucks ends and all the furniture is loaded and arranged in the trucks.
If the role of the upper floors that need to lift and download furniture is working on that and use the winch in the download of furniture and arranged in the car - Winches Global Home Services is one of the modern cranes imported from abroad because the winch box is completely closed and not a network Or a half-box, the International Home Services Company's winches are characterized by having giant boxes completely closed.
And now the client is delivered Tap GPS to track the truck until you go where to download the furniture - and start the journey of moving furniture with the tracking of the client to his property - furniture transport trucks owned by the International Home Services Company trucks have a very modern technology because it is equipped with rubber foam inside the box that contains Furniture Full safety on your furniture during the transfer and the journey of moving furniture to the arrival of trucks transport furniture to the place where you want to download the furniture ..
Workers of the global company for domestic services download furniture and head to the house and begin to arrange furniture inside the apartment ..
Carpenters begin their work by installing furniture and polishing it with wood polishing materials.
Then the technician starts to install the electrical appliances and leave instructions for how to work the refrigerator after a period of time is represented by the time the technician tells you and also is installing air conditioners and air dish (shower) and is the work of arranging all the contents of the house International Home Services Company moving furniture in Riyadh safely
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