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fila disruptor 2 womens
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clock11-01-2019, 09:35 AM
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The carnation fila disruptor 2 womens makes it twist as the heart layers in and the drydown gets woody and calmer, but this baby never sleeps. It keeps you going and going feeling fresh all day as the crisp touch never leaves.. This is as modern as its fantastically sculptured bottle !. Because of the impact it hits you with, its eather a love or hate perfume and its NOT very mixable with other perfumes , wich actually is a minus for me, as I switch fumes a lot due to that most of my perfumes end up in amber. Its like you have to decide to use it for a week at a time or have a massive shower to be able to change for the evening.

This is also very different from my other Balenciaga love- L2 ESSENCE who is a shy natural violet fila slides and patch combo , also very beautiful but quite a contrary to this creation. Update...swapped because husband didn't like it...too bad !Yes mademoiselle-c BALENCIAGA PARIS is much more better but when both dry down they both become identical.for me as i am a Balenciaga fan-i really love fila australia their clothinglines,bags,shoes-but especially this year after EGYPTOPUNK line i expected a perfume which is like molecule escentric in a more femine note,a shocking and vivid also at the same time sophisticated perfume..But florabotanica is a heartbreak for me..

I actually really really like this! it reminds me a lot of the previous Balenciaga perfumes but this one is more clean, soapy and floral. Its very simple and girly. can be considered sophisticated since its soft and inoffensive. I can really smell the roses strongly in the opening and after it develops into a mixture of other fila sliders florals with a slight soft amber in the base. the dry down is the part where it really reminds me of clean florally soap in the best way possible. i think this scent is appropriate for any occasion but personally for me it would be a day time scent since its not something strong or that noticeable, which is something i prefer for a special occasion or when going out at night.

I ve had my hands quite full, Wang mentioned in one particular interview .  But I really got exposed to it when I went to Balenciaga and I really enjoyed the process. Better late than never though, right? After all, a designer needs to feel comfortable with a concept first, before embarking on a journey to make it a reality.When Alexander Wang resigned as Balenciaga s creative director earlier this fall, many of us were wondering whether the 31-year-old designer would take his energy to expand his own eponymous label or not. Well, Wang left us with no worries as he revealed the flabbergasting Alexander Wang pre-fall 2016 collection fila white shoes .

Some jewelry pieces forwarded down the runway shows carry out the whole two functions at the same time. Among them the catchiest are Rodarte s Arabian style golden cuff bracelets smoothly becoming rings on the fingers through a chain link. The same bracelet-ring pieces are spotted at Valentino but with thinner texture as opposed to the intricate ones at Rodarte . If the above-mentioned 2 in 1 pieces are somewhat conventional, those golden pieces simultaneously serving as a bracelet and a purse brought forward by Balenciaga are definitely to [Obrazek: fila-854yrx.jpg] be registered in the list of innovations come the spring.
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